Fluted Design Pottery


POTTERY 101:  Definition of Fluted Design — The vertical cuts in the sides of the pots are what I call fluting.  See examples of Fluted Design products below.   Normally, fluting would be on the sides of the pots and on casserole lids, though on plates the horizontal cuts in the rim are what I call fluting as opposed to the “rippled” rims on the pie plates that mimic a crust edge. 

Glazes normally created with the Fluted Design are White, Dark Blue, Green, and Spodumene.  I can’t flute the Rutile Blue Glaze as it’s too fluid and would run down the flutes.

Typically, I do not both flute and stripe a piece.  Some people want the piece plain with no stripes or no fluting. You can choose options for Fluted Design when placing your order, or please contact me to discuss your variation choices. 

Gallery of Fluted Design Products

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